Protect your investment with a marine-grade, high-density foam spa cover. Making sure your spa is covered helps lower the cost of heating the water and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your hot tub is safe and secure during inclement weather. Spa covers also prevent leaves and blowing dust from getting into the spa water, which means it stays clean longer. That reduces the time and cost spent to maintain your spa.

Available in three colors, Duetto, Coastal, and Birchwood, Gerrys goods’ spa covers coordinate with the acrylic spa shells and cabinets. They taper from 4” to 2” center-to-side for efficient water run-off, with handles both inside and outside the spa cover for easy lifting and closing. The new SunStrong™ cover made with famous Sunbrella® fabric is an option with the Select™ Series spas. SunStrong spa covers feature outdoor-furniture material that is more lightweight and energy efficient than traditional covers.

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