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Sundance tradition of reliability and high performance

The 780™ Series outdoor spas hit the sweet spot between entertainment center and meditative garden retreat. Designed with natural colors and clean styling, these easy-to-maintain outdoor spas can form the basis of a no-hassle lifestyle. Each one is built in the best Sundance tradition of reliability and high performance, so all you have to do is relax, host a party, or let the jets work on those sore muscles and joints.

From the side-by-side compact Dover™ model to the luxurious Chelsee™ that seats 6-7 adults, the 780 Series of outdoor spas is geared to consumers who want selection, features and value. Some of the most popular features of the 780 Series outdoor spas: the backlit AquaSheer™ spa waterfall; the SunRay™ LED spa lighting package; and the SunSurround™ Stereo System. A variety of jets provide amazing hydrotherapy: Soothing Muscle Therapy or SMT™ jets, Fluidix™, and Accu-Pressure™ jets. Contoured pillow headrests provide comfort and support as you relax in a lounge or the Accu-Ssage™ spa therapy seat. For a sophisticated finish to your 780 Series outdoor spa, upgrade to stainless-steel jet trim.

Standard features include:

  • CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System
  • MicroClean™ Filter
  • Circulation Pump
  • Slipstream™ Floating Skimmer
  • TheraFlo™ Hot Tub Jet Pump(s)
  • Backlit AquaSheer™ Waterfall
  • Multicolor SunRay™ LED Lighting
  • i-Touch™ Controls
  • Pillow Headrests
  • SunStrong™ Cabinetry
  • Rigid Bond™ Shell Construction
  • Full-foam Insulation
  • Synthetic Base & Moisture Barrier

Be inspired by the possibilities of owning one of the 780 Series outdoor spas.



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780 spa series
Seats: 6-7 adults
Total Jets: 36
Capacity: 1,439 litres
Chelsee Chelsee Spa    
Seats: 5-6 adults
Total Jets: 40
Capacity: 1,382 litres
Seats: 5-6 adults
Total Jets: 35
Capacity: 1,287 litres
Seats: 4 adults
Total Jets: 30
Capacity: 1,211 litres
Seats: 2-3 adults
Total Jets: 22
Capacity: 909 litres