Pre plan so its smooth sailing

Plan ahead for the delivery of your new Sundance spa. If you have followed our pre delivery guide the installation of your new spa will be trouble free and you will be soaking and relaxing before you know it.


Pre-Delivery Guide checklist for your new spa


1. Electrical. What you need to do

2. Permits. The council requirements

3. Fencing and safety. Do you need covers / fences

4. Where is it going. hard landscaping done.

5. Water source? Where is the nearest hose


When it rains, which way does the water flow? Water should flow away from your house and other structures; it should not stand or puddle near your spa.

Will you need extra grading or drains to ensure water doesn't settle where your spa is going to be installed? If you have an existing drainage system, make sure your spa's drainage is connected to your existing system.